Here is where you can buy wooden roses online!


Long Stem Wooden Roses-Coming Soon

Wooden Roses can be purchased here! Welcome to Forever Roses by Diana where we sell Wooden Roses. Thank you for visiting. You can purchase our beautiful handcrafted wooden roses online.

Give Wooden Roses for your 5th Anniversary!



Buy Wooden Roses Online

Our Roses Are Made From Wood And Look Just Like Fresh Cut Roses. Wooden Roses make an excellent addition to any event or celebration. Each rose is made in detail and the rose petals are hand crafted out of Birch wood. All wooden roses come with a wire stem that you can bend into whatever position you choose. Basically these wooden roses are made to last forever, they are a great substitute to buying real roses and you don’t have to sacrifice the quality or beauty. Their durability and long-lasting design makes them a great keepsake for your guests to bring home, and look just as good in a vase in your home as the real thing.


Wooden Rose Bouquets For Sale

Our wooden roses are made from thinly shaved pieces of birch wood that are shaped and airbrushed to look like real roses.


Special gift box with six beautiful wooden roses $10.



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